About Us

Welcome to Scenic Tours and Travels! We are a boutique touring company operating in Sri Lanka that offers individual, tailor-made holidays for the discerning traveler who values privacy, adventure and above all, a truly authentic Sri Lankan holiday. We work with you to give you the holiday you want at a price you can afford.

With over 25 years of combined experience in the touring and hotel industry in Sri Lanka and abroad, we decided to start Scenic Tours and Travels in response to what we perceived to be a glaring lack of tour operators offering personalized holiday experiences in this Country. While many touring agencies do exist, nearly all offer only pre-packaged, impersonal touring options that, to us, keep those that visit Sri Lanka from really getting to see the flavor and beauty of what this magical land has to offer. In our experience, people who want to visit Sri Lanka have some idea of what they want to see and experience, but need further guidance and inspiration to help align match their vacation interests with the many adventures and experiences Sri Lanka has within its shores.

When you travel with us, we will go the extra step to make sure that your Sri Lankan experience from your very first email to us till the time you are boarding your flight home – will be an unparalleled experience of comfort, excitement and enjoyment. After discussing what you want out of your holiday – leisure, excitement, exotic landscapes or all of the above! – We will create a customized itinerary according to your planned duration of stay and available budget. Once you embark on your holiday, we will be available 24 hours of the day, 7 seven days of the week to make sure your holiday experience is a smooth and comfortable one.

Though we’ve had the opportunity to expand, we have not forgotten why we started Scenic Tours and Travels, and have chosen to remain as a boutique outfit so that we can fulfill our prime mission of offering a personalized experience for travelers who wish to explore our beautiful country. We do not actively advertise but have enjoyed great success from an ever-growing family of repeat customers and new clients drawn to us by enthusiastic recommendations from their friends and family. We seek to provide superior service and attention to detail because that is what we believe people truly want in a holiday experience – not to mention everywhere else in life – and are proud to say that while our guests come to Sri Lanka as clients, they invariably leave our shores as friends.

We hope to see you soon!
Yours Faithfully,